What romance novels did for me

I’m sitting here in my home office thinking for the right words for my first post. Then I started thinking, which can be scary. Why would you want to read my blog? Why does anyone care to read others words? Well here it goes, here is my words.

I’m a very avid reader, I can read 4-6 books a week. Most of my books are in the “romance” themed category. They can be dark, erotic or simple. I honestly don’t care, it’s my gateway, some would call it my “heroine”. Getting lost in a book can cleanse ones soul. Now if you ask my family they would disagree. At one time my life was all business so serious, never take time for myself. I am a person that likes control and lived life so serious. That all changed and it’s a good change, husband doesn’t mind my sex drive change, actually would any man be upset if their better half had more sexual drive? Man I can write a whole new something about sex drives and romance novels, ok another time. Back to me changing. I’m starting to not take life serious, living a little, not caring what others think of me. Why? I just want to see my life in a different light. My mind needed it and I needed to show my family that it’s ok to sometimes color a little outside the lines.

So I jumped feet first into some reader groups, started a blog(my personal jury is still out for this one), and laughing more. I’m not saying romance novels saved my life, I’m saying that if I can get lost in some love and enjoy it, why can’t I get lost in my life again?

Well throughout this blog I’m going to peel the onion layers. I will try give some half ass advise, maybe share a recipe, maybe share some pictures, and maybe share my favorite books. We will see.

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