Back the F-OFF!!! Let the Authors write what they want!


I belong to several author web pages. Some of the authors are writing series and others are cranking books out right and left. In these forum’s we will get snippets of upcoming books or chances to read ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy). One forum is in the series portion of the books, the author is still writing them and has mentioned several books to the series, yay for me. J. This is where I go red and irritated with some of the followers. I know the authors do like a little push to when the next book will be out or a snippet’s of what’s to come. During the snippet some of the readers want more, some will be elated and others tear it apart. As they tear it down and try to read into what’s going on they then start asking about when other books will be out to finish the series. Why can’t we just be happy with what we have and be thankful when we get something new? Oh that’s right we live a society that people what instant gratification. They want it all and served on a platter. Back the F-Off!

As an avid reader, I love being part of these said groups. The group allows us ladies/men to express the love of the books and some even have themes throughout the week. Some of the authors are right in the middle of the conversations, enjoying the threads, but then comes the criticizers. I wonder how these authors’ deal with the criticism. Me personally I cringe when I read them; these authors are giving us something that me personally could never do. Today most of the criticizers sit behind desks, tablets or phones when they are spouting off. To me this is disgusting and rude! When someone writes their novel they are putting in their heart and soul. Some are spending hours away from family, friends and a normal life to then be torn down by some low life behind a name on a blog. I do appreciate one of the authors most current reply back to their criticizers “it’s my fucking book and I will fucking write what I want” paraphrasing it, but you get the point. Will they keep coming? Oh hell yes they will. It’s downright ignorant. When can we just take what we have and appreciate it? Well we can’t, we have been allowed to demand and have been given our demands without even a thank you, pat on the back or an atta boy. I guess this is where my momma claws come out. For me I want to protect the authors/writers and allow them to do their damn job. They are giving us an escape, a dream, and a hot romance when we read. So thank them, give them positive feedback, but if they need to hear the criticizing, do it with class. Give them a bad example, and then give them something positive. We can all grow with some forms of criticism if it’s done properly.

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