Sister Bond


I grew up with brothers and often wondered what it would be like to have a sister. My brothers(I have 2 brother’s that are 5 years older than me and one that is 18 months younger) had some of the best girlfriends and most ended up being my support system through puberty and college years, one today is my best friend. It wasn’t a bond of sisterhood, it was a relationship, I mean I couldn’t go to my brother’s and have him help buy a bra or tampons,  they  would have if I had ask. The girlfriends filled a void that I craved and enjoyed when they were around. Yes my mom could have easily been there for me, we just didn’t have the greatest mother/daughter relationship.  As time went on I got older, my brothers got married, and I finally got married and started having a family, two incredible girls. So when they were born 17 months apart I got to thinking, maybe now I get to have that sister bond or at least be part of it.

Seeing my girls grow from infants, to toddlers and now girls, I am kind of jealous of their bond, but also in awe of it too. The other day my youngest was having a nightmare and the oldest was so strong and reassuring in her words to calm her sister. It was like they have their own language and I was an outsider looking in. When does the bond start? Is it something that comes on as soon as the second sister is born or do they have to work at it? The rollercoaster of emotions somedays make me drink two glasses of wine. From my vantage point my girls fight, love, hit, like, argue and love, nonetheless in the end they always are there for each other and fight each other’s battles. My heart melts when I see them walking together holding hands and whispering stories of what to do next. They get each other’s sense, they get to laugh about random things, cry when ones hurting, and love their sister like no other. So can this bond be like twins when one feels the others pain? Will they grow out of it when they hit puberty or does this bond just get stronger? Some of my friends have sisters and when I see them together it shocks me that they almost know what the other is thinking before it’s said. Then I have seen some with sisters and let’s just say those relationships need more of a bond, they need counseling and an intervention to the highest form for them to get along.

 My hope is they last a lifetime together be this strong now in the younger years so that when the go off on their own they still have that bond. I know my brothers and I have never lost our bond, but it’s not the same as sisters. We call each other a lot to see what the other is up to, we just don’t know what the other is thinking or feeling. We know that if I needed them I would just have to call.  It comforts me that my girls see that having siblings is remarkable and not to take it for granted.

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