Spanx and Love


So the other night I was getting myself ready for a presentation. I grabbed my usually business attire, grey pencil skirt with my light pink shirt. I was stating my speech in the mirror as my husband walks in a gives me a glass of ice tea. He sits on the end of the bed and looks at me with a very strong sense that what he is about so say will either go bad or good. “Honey why do have to wear those butt huggers?” husband ask.

Looking down at what I am wearing, black stilettos, black spanx, bra and gold pendant. “So what’s wrong with my “butt huggers?” me trying to decide how this will go. Looking at husband, who is still trying to decide what to say next, “dear how do all those authors write love scenes when they start stripping the lovely lady?” Wow my husband actually listens to me when I read the books aloud.  “Well most, if not all of these leading ladies, don’t wear spanx in the books.” I’m trying to remember all the hundred books that I have read if one lady had worn spanx, nope can’t think of one.

We both look at each other trying to process this. Husband clears his throat and says “So this is like Truvy explaining to her husband as to why you ladies wax”… Holy shit he just referenced Steel Magnolia, one of our favorite movies, he loves Weezar. “Yes honey we women do this to make us feel pretty” me smiling at him, he is so getting lucky later tonight. He stands from the bed walks towards me, plants a soft kiss on my shoulder. “Kick butt tonight, but don’t worry, I love you for it all” he states this as we walks away.

I grabbed my pencil skirt, zip it up and look back at the mirror. How would the authors write the love scene when there is spanx involved? I know for me I have curves, for me wearing my spanx just makes me feel sexy. It tends just hold thing in place for me. Working in Corporate America, I have to wear a lot of dresses, pant suits and skirts. When I am at home it’s my jeans, sweatshirt and not bra. So as the authors are writing, one would wonder if they have ever thought or come across this. Ok here it goes; don’t laugh at my attempt to write a love scene where there is spanx involved. If I have any followers I would worry, but I know that no one reads my blog so I feel good about this.

She stands at the window looking out across the city. The night is calm; traffic is dying down since the time is close to 3am. Looking over her shoulder she eyes him, he has so much passion in those eyes. His eyes are eyes that you can get lost in. He walks to her, stares at her back and admiring her assets; he wonders why she still loves him after all these years. As he nears her back he places his fingers down her back like playing a piano. He reaches for her zipper, slowly starts to unzip her dress, the dress that caught his eye across the room. The dress that he can only wish would hurry to the floor, as he pushes the zipper down he gets to the small of her back and notices black spandex, it stops him, he wonders what happened to that sexy underwear that he bought her. Maybe he didn’t want to wear it tonight; to worried I may rip it off her. As the zipper reaches the end, his eyes glance up and down her body, wondering what he is seeing.

So if I was the reader, for me I would just think, you dude, welcome to spanx world where we wear things to keep in place. Now I am not going to finish this very steamy scene, I know you are all sitting at the edge of your seat waiting to see how this goes, but again no one reads this blog so I can just end it.   I can say what my husband would say to me. He would look at me and say “so you want me to peel this off like a banana or you want to do it yourself?” Most of the time before we get to this point of the evening, I have already removed my butt hugging spanx. And if we were in the throw of passion, I would more or less help him remove them, they are not easy, and I mean they are tight for a reason! It keeps it all in place.

Right now I wonder how many of us ladies when we go out on a night on the town, do you wear them? I know that the younger generation is very fortunate not to have to, I mean I have had children and approaching 40 soon, exercise is a requirement to keep stuff firm. Wearing the spanx just makes me feel a little sexier, again this is me and I am allowed to feel that way. Just pair my sexy spanx with the right stiletto and I am ready for work or a night out. For others I hope they have a man, I mean a real man that accepts them for who they are inside and out. I am very fortunate that my husband enjoys my body; we have been together for 16 years. He has seen me at my fittest, my heaviest (carrying our children) and my lowest, not once did he ever tell me to change, it’s not in his nature. Maybe others have heard those words, which are not real men. Love is, loving someone inside and out, with all those imperfections. So back to the spanx and love, the spanx it holds me in all the right places and I am loved in all the right places too.

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2 thoughts on “Spanx and Love

  1. I read it, and although I don’t wear spanx, I can definitely see where sucking it all in has its advantages. All I can think of is the scene in St. Elmo’s Fire when Rob Lowe’s character discovers the girdle and pops the spandex and laughs calling it a scuba suit. Totally ruining he mood and making the girl feel incredibly inadequate. A loving partner would never do such a thing.

    1. Oh my I really thought no one would read this😄… Oh I never thought about that scene. Thanks again. And I’m blessed that my husband is very caring.

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