Mother’s Day

I’m sitting here enjoying some sun and think about Mother’s Day. Yes I’m a mother of two girls and a step mother to two older girls. I love them all and enjoy when our house is full of our girls and grandchildren. So today got me thinking, yes I know shocking. 

Most mother’s that I know just want a quiet day. My day has been consisted of running around. We had church, walking 4H animals, laundry(the endless loads because my girls can’t wear the same thing twice), vacuuming, dusting, dishes and preparing items for dinner. All the while my girls are fighting over how to hang the clothes on the hangers. At least they are helping, well to a point.

Now most years I have had it easy, husband helped and so did our girls. This year I’m mom, dad, referee, irrigator and negotiator. My husband is down and out for the next six weeks, recovery from surgery. All the extra stuff that we split, well, this falls on me for the next six weeks, I don’t mind, I just have more appreciation for all he does. He and I have a great working relationship, both tend to help each other, this is emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

Ok, back to my thinking. As I was vacuuming, I wondered what my life would have been without the kids. We would have been still in the same boat, him recovering from his ordeal, but I wouldn’t be doing countless loads of laundry, negotiations, yelling to clean your room, and maybe some sleeping in. I’m just asking, this Mother’s Day, I kinda want to run away, hide from my life and be myself. Ok, yes this sounds very selfish, come on, haven’t you or someone you know just wants a day off. I love being a mom and wouldn’t change it for the world. We have worked hard for what we have and I love sharing it with my girls. But just once I want a day to myself, I just don’t want Hallmark to remind our families about this day or even Father’s Day. Just a day were I can get lost in myself. This day can be any day, the day can be me getting into my vehicle and driving till I see fit. The day to ponder ones greatest assets, read a sexy book, sleep in and have a cocktail before noon. Yes my day to myself is not normal, well to some it’s not, but it’s my day. I will be looking for this day soon, say in six weeks. 

Now if I have offended you I’m sorry, I know some of you have tried and that’s all you long for is a child. Well I will pray you get that chance on day to be a parent. If you God bless, it’s an amazing adventure, but for me right now in this moment I just want solitude. Maybe tomorrow I want them all in chaos. I never know, I’m a woman, I’m indecisive and I  beat to my own drum. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all. 

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