Panicking Over Book Reviews

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I am very new to writing reviews and I read a lot of books. The amount of books that I read I should have been giving reviews for a very long time. But for me writing anything brings on sweaty palms, eye twitching and stomach flurries. Growing up I would write thoughts, poems, and make believe recipes. For me pen to paper is exciting, I love to handwrite, but I am not good at proper structure. So when it comes time to write a review for all these books that I have read, let’s just say I panic. Then I panic if they don’t like my review, gosh I need to quit being a people pleaser. The panic goes and then I tend to over think things. My mind won’t shut down; it just keeps playing words over and over in my head. I do better at public speaking that public writing. The thing is I need to write reviews for all these books that I read in a week.

I typically read three to five books on a busy work week for me. On a slow work week and they are quick reads I can read a lot more. Like I have said in earlier posts, reading is my therapy, well so is cooking, but I love getting lost in the book. My husband calls it my Prozac, he says this usually with a smile and a laugh, it can be romance, history, military, how to or science books, as long as I can read a few chapters a night it makes me happy. Once I am finished with the book, here comes the sweaty palms, eye twitching and stomach flurries; now I need to write a review. Oh goodness where do I begin? How many words do I need to write? Oh what if they hate it and I get blacklisted from reading groups? I know I am pathetic, but this is my panic. Biting the bull by the horns and using today’s technology, I Google “How to write a review”. Here is the link that I used when I wrote my review

Reviews to me are ones opinion, one may like what I have to say and one may think I need to visit the loony bin. Yet these are my thoughts on the book that I read. I really haven’t had book below a 4 star (Amazon rating); I guess my gauging is not like others. Not all the books that I have read are 5 stars either but they are 4/4.5 reads. I can honestly say the only book that I downloaded and deleted with a 10 min window was a book I thought was about a ranching family and romance. About a chapter into it the ranch was swarmed by a UFO, the UFO had family members on it to save the ranch, ok for me that was hard to read. I mean I have even read a Dino porn book and died laughing; sorry didn’t leave a review on that one.

Reviews are very important to author’s and it helps them with ratings, I guess I am just always worried that I am not giving them enough. I have a hard time with all my thoughts on what I just read; some of these books are fantastic. Growing up in 4H, FFA and youth church groups, I gave a lot of presentations and rocked a lot of awards. With public speaking I wrote highlights on what I was going to talk on and then winged the rest. Too bad I can’t start a video review blog. I have seen similar things and wonder if I should try it. Maybe I will try a video review soon to my blog. I can call it “Coffee Talk with Ethel”, maybe it will be a trending blog, ha that will be the day.

IF any of you have tips or comments please share. I am all about constructive criticism. I spend most of my days telling people how not to spend their budget. So doing a little romance review does break up the number crunching of my day.

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2 thoughts on “Panicking Over Book Reviews

  1. I love the video blog idea. I think you would kick ass at it. The only tip I have about writing review would be to write like you are recommending the book to a friend and keep it short and sweet, unless you feel really strongly about the book.

    1. Thanks that’s a great idea. Short and sweet. I’m really thinking hard about this video blog review. I may test it and share with you

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