Slip of the Tongue – Jessica Hawkins

I read a lot! Let’s just say that if I am awake and not working, you will find me with a book in hand. We have all a read book that stay with us, I have a few that I can re-read over and over because they may have formed a kinship, some they stayed with us because it makes you think of your past and the what if’s. I don’t want to give away the story because there is some twists and turns that I didn’t expect. To be honest I didn’t know what this book was about. I read a review from a friend and she said it is a must read. And I read it and I am not saying that to have an affair is good, but it’s what it entails that makes me keep reading it. It’s the twists and turns and the ray emotional that Sadie, Nate and Finn each go through.

Slip of the Tongue, well it did me in. I couldn’t sleep after reading this book. I have a craving for this book and this book is not conventional. It’s raw, emotional, addicting, painful and honest.  Amazingly written and I cannot wait to read more from Jessica Hawkins.

There is no video review for this one. I am still stuck with my emotions and I FLOVED it. This is a really, truly and deeply a 5 star read for me. YES I know I have a lot of 5 stars, but this one is still with me. It’s when I talk to my husband, my best friend, and my family. It’s how I interpret what they say, am I really getting what they are meaning or am I overthinking. Well my husband will tell you I over think things and he has to remind me to “slow my roll”, which helps and this book did that to me.



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