Restored – Kate Canterbary


Kate C Cover Reveal

This #reformedplayboy and #freespirit are back in RESTORED by @kcanterbary and this time, they’re getting it right
New from @kcanterbary – RESTORED: preorder only on #ibooks #WalshLove #ArchitectsDoItBetter
Kate Canterbary  is a lot of “why” I am blogging now. I read her books in January and fell in love with the Walsh family. After I finished The Cornerstone, I wanted more from this author, so I do what all of us do in this day an age. I Facebook stocked her, found out she has a group of ladies that fit my style,  you should go find them-  The Walsh Groupies. Then I started interacting with the group and found that I wanted to do video book reviewing blogging. I love it and hope you all join up to watch my very real me review’s on the books I love. Oh, back to Kate :). Kate’s writing style is phenomenal, she writes very real relatable love. She is an author that I would buy anything from and can’t wait for more from her. I hope you all enjoy them as mush as I do. I’m sitting hear like a school girl awaiting this arrival in July.

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