Untimely You – K Webster

WOW!! Here is a book that really made me think of the “what if’s” in my life. What if I lost the one I loved, will I be able to love again.   ​ ​ LINKS: UNTIMELY YOU  

Man of Honor -Sarah O’Rourke

Sheriff Zeke Monroe loves one woman…Honor McKinnon. He is willing to stake his entire future on protecting her…no matter what the cost. Honor McKinnon knows she is broken. Her body and soul had been shattered by a violent attack years ago, and no one…not her sisters or anyone else in the tiny town of Paradise,…

Ride-along – Maren Lee

Chloe Tisdale is a fun-loving woman with a crappy job, no current prospects for romance, and the apparent inability to listen to instructions from demanding men. After a run-in with a creepy stalker, she heads for Imminence, Montana to hide out and party with her wild, foul-mouthed cousin. Conveniently for Chloe, her cousin’s husband just happens to be the Sheriff of Bounty County.

RESTORED- Kate Canterbary

New from the Purveyor of Perv, Kate Canterbary — RESTORED, book 5 in The Walsh Series. Sam and Tiel beat back their demons and learned to love each other, but love might not be enough to solve every problem that crawls their way.

This book is un-put-down-able

Always In Love – VLOG

So I’m for a new joint venture! I’m teaming up with Jack of All Trades Master of None Amanda  Bailey-Ramsey to start Always In Love VLOG.  ​​ I hope you click on the link and see our newest review by one of my favorites Kate Canterbary 

The Blythe College Complete set- Rochelle Paige

OK going for my first THROWBACK book review. I read this series in one week in early February this year. I am was very very new to all these India authors. I was just shocked that I never looked past the normal names. So I purchased this whole set and haven’t looked back to reading…

RESTORED- coming soon

RESTORED: #NotYourBigFatGreekWedding but it is #ANiceDayForAWalshWedding – get it on #ibooks http://bit.ly/Restored5 #amazon restored If you are so inclined I highly recommend this series. Love the Walsh family, they have a dynamic that makes me laugh and cry. Really you all should click on the links below and get a copy. Then be prepared for RESTORED on…