Power(Mafia Ties: Brandon and Carly 2)- Fiona Davenport

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Fiona Davenport’s Power (Mafia Ties: Brandon & Carly 2)
Want more of sexy mafia enforcer Brandon DeLuca? He’s back!
*These standalone from Nic & Anna’s story.*
Power a vision teaser.jpg
β˜†β˜† Available on #KindleUnlimited β˜†β˜†
Amazon US:  http://amzn.to/29nWMT7    
Amazon UK: 
I was given this books for an honest review.


Love everything about Power! Brandon is freaking amazing for being alpha and can be second when Carly is the boss. Carly is doing what is best for her family business. She is doing it her way and Brandon will do nothing to stop and protect her. 

#Smut #DirtySmut #Alphahero #LIVE #sexy #romance #FionaDavenport

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