Ten Thousand Truths – Kelli Jean

5 STARS and MORE!!!
I am a huge Kelli Jean fan and I love this series hard. Love that she takes something so terrible going on in the world; abuse and human trafficking and gives it a voice, an exquisite voice. Yes we read some very sad things, but there is a love story also going on too. We get to read Opie and Deo’s story.
Deo and Opie’s story is beautiful; it is full of angst, strength, determination, and love. These two are meant to be together heart and soul. It wasn’t an easy love story, but it’s a love story. Opie feels the white light of hope and strength when she is in the arms of Deo. Deo finds the love that he really never knew existed until Opie came into his life. We get to hear from Xanthe, Ollie, Ricky, Ronan, Jamie and Lille again, can’t get enough of this LOCAL organization. If it was a real organization I would totally be working for them. I just can’t wait for more of this series; it is truly a beautiful series to read.

truth witch.jpg




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