Juked – M.E. Carter

Soccer and love you have me. Daniel is the hot team captain of the local major soccer league. He really doesn’t know what hits him till one late night at a Wal-Mart. Quincy is in my opinion the most charismatic female character around, she so strong and determined to do the best by her nephew, which she knew nothing about.

Quincy and Daniel started off as best friends, a person to talk to, and a person to hug on your worst day. This grew over time to love, but is it going to last or does life muddle in it, Daniel doesn’t know what hit him till he is faced with reality. They both come from a sense that families are the best medicine and glue to your soul. Little Chance may have lost his mom but he gained so much more. When writers include the families in them it brings a sense of loyalty, which I love.  Now to the soccer aspect, holy hell ME hit it on point. I loved that she kept the root of the story and added in the sport. AMAZING!!! GRAB this book and then wait for Groupie, you won’t be disappointed.




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