Steadfast – Sarina Bowen

4.5 STARS!!!
When Jude first came into the picture in the book Bittersweet, he captures me. He had a story and I am so glad this was his book.
Jude didn’t think he deserved happiness after he killed his girlfriend’s brother while he was on drugs. He always took the blame and didn’t blame others. This is very admirable, but he was missing out on the only person he loved, Sophie. Sophie was heartbroken that she lost her brother, but she also lost the one person that she loved too, Jude. Can the past move them on or does it still linger in minds?

This whole book will warm ones soul. Sarina Bowen writes to the heart of addiction and how one can change their life for the better,that they can have love and redemption. Steadfast is a moving story that really touched my soul.




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