Becoming Eve – R.J. Moore

Wow what an amazing first book for this author. She really had me captured and I just wanted to finish it.
Eve had her life all planned out and was on a mission of high class. Her life changed one night and for her she wanted something better. Eve moved to a small town and wanted to enjoy life and make it simple. As Eve meets the locals, she comes face to face with Ian. This man can work and has such a strong soft alpha male presences. As they get to know each, they to move at a pace that allows them to grow emotionally and physically. This story has me captivated and was blown at how it all comes together. This is an AMAZING MUST READ!!!

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Have you ever done something that could either make you… …or break you? Something impulsive and life changing to test your resolve? Your beliefs? I did; the night I packed my designer bags and kissed the life I’d known goodbye: the easy life. The moneyed life. The life of luxury. The bright lights of the city. With the click of my Louboutin’s on the marble floors and the flick of my wrist, I said goodbye—and never looked back. For the first time, I was on my own. Completely and utterly alone; just me, vast fields of wheat and the wide-open sky. Exactly as I’d intended when I let the gilded doors to my previous life slam closed behind me. Only…. I’m a city girl, born and raised, with all the luxury money could buy. I didn’t know how to do anything on my own. That is: until I met Ian. I crashed into his life and finally started living. Breathing. Becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. Why? Because it’s not just about me anymore. It’s about us.


RJ was born and raised in Idaho on a small ranch. She married her high school sweetheart and now has two little girls. She loves the outdoors, riding horses, and fishing. She’s slightly obsessed with reading and just finished her first debut novel, Becoming Eve!





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