Closer – Mary Elizabeth

Angst filled with dysfunctional love for one another. When reading a book I just read and when I read a book that gives me emotions then I take longer to digest the words. This story is beyond moving, it has so many underlining truths. Love at first sight, loving what you can’t have and loving your best friend.
Teller and Ella’s story is torture for people on the outside looking in, but on the inside these two are one body, soul and mind. They go through the motions of having “others” in their life, but ultimately they never were honest with each other’s feelings until one tragic night. That night and months to come brought up the past they overcame to a present that isn’t ready for what they offer.
Ella is very stubborn and is not afraid to tell others what she is thinking, except for the one man she loves, Tell. Tell has always loved Ella and would do anything for her, yet at times is it enough? They are not the perfect couple, but what they have when they are together is intimate, with a side of sexy hot.
BEAUTIFULLY written by Mary Elizabeth, I will sit her on my hands waiting for book 2.

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Gabriella Mason is damaged.

Teller Reddy is wrecked.

Misery loves company, and that’s exactly what Ella gets the afternoon her path crosses with Teller’s: the misunderstood premed student who instantly becomes her lifeline when she moves to Los Angeles, an attempt at escaping her heartbreaking past.

In the beginning, Lonely and Defensive complete each other. But in the end, their relationship is like broken glass—cutthroat and jagged.

Calling it off before they kill each other, Ella and Teller decide to “just be friends” despite the intensity that binds them together. It’s a delicate foundation rocked by tragedy, effectively destroying the illusion they’ve so carefully built.

Unable to deny what’s between them any longer, this is what happens when wrecked and damaged collide and close is still not close enough.

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