Rockstar Series 1-8.5 by Anne Mercier



Jesse is a very talented and famous rock-star. Lucy is a famous actress doing what her mother wants her to; be a good girl. Then on a chance meeting for work these two play a game of cat and mouse. Each have deep feelings for each other. It takes one time and both fall down hard.

Lucy is very talented and knows in her heart what she wants to do. She sees the good in all and knows that her path could be. Jesse is tired of the song and dance as the party famous rock-star. He is ready to find the path that could leave him in love and content. AMAZING. Each character is special and this brings the series to the start. Can’t wait to read the next one.


4.5 Stars. This series is like a fine wine. It keeps getting better.

When you wake in Vegas not knowing what led to the headache. It is ultimately a night to remember. Jesse and Lucy are starting their tour for both bands and now the endless life of press and groupies begin.

Lucy does want the happily ever after. Jesse is her rock and soul-mate. But not even them being newly married and completely in love will stop the groupies from trying to get to main man Jesse. Jesse is truly and deeply in love with Lucy, this is all he wants and cares about. This couple overcomes and proves that love is deep. I laughed till I cried a few times. The band members are the best supporting cast to a series. Each one gives this book so much character. LOVED it


Cage and Sera story is beyond love; this is what happily ever after is. Cage is so much more in this whole series. He is the grease that keeps the bands rolling, but his heart is to Sera. Sera has had so much loss in her life. She is finally coming out of her shell with the love and support of Cage.

The adventure these two embark on is so worth the fight. They both are stubborn and each has what the want. Now they have to keep the fight to finally get to where they need to be.

I couldn’t but this book down. This one has my heart.


I am a complete junkie when books do the past to present. This gives us so much for this series. We see how Cage becomes who he is, Jesse’s feelings of meeting Lucy when they were both stuck in Chicago. Now comes the present.
Some people may not like that point of view. If you read the series and love it like I do, you will see going to past adds more layers to the story. And I am falling more in love with Cage.

Coley maybe 18, but she has on old soul. She has suffered so much that she is used to being disappointed. Ben’s heart stops when he sees Coley on one of the tour buses. He hasn’t figured out how to use his words for her yet, but he will be pushed too.

The is one book that gives us hope that being a lost soul and not knowing their is love/hope for them, there is. Couldn’t but it down. This couple is truly beautiful.


4.75 Stars!
WOW the Kingston babies are coming. You will laugh, cry, and be blown away the love each band member has for their leaders. Throw in some mafia family ties and Xander’s ability to be the best damn sitter around. You have a book from Anne Mercier.

Wow can Xander get any better with each little book that comes out?!

We finally get to see Xander and Tera. This two have so much going on that this little snipits are making me want more. He is funny, loving and sexy at all times. But Tera has his heart so wrapped up it truly makes my heart hurt. LOVE seeing Xander’s POV and only know this is going to get better.

Holy hot mess of emotions in this book; you will laugh, cry and swoon all within a short time span. Get ready, this book is beautiful.
I knew Jace was amazing in Sera and Cage’s book. He just has this quiet side and I know he is observing his surroundings. He gets news that he high school love is sick and left him with his child he knew nothing about. Now he is left dealing with being a dad all on his own. But really he has his band which is his family through and through.
Summer met Jace months back. She thought he is a rocker, she didn’t want to be involved with a rocker. But now her job is requiring her to be part of Jace’s life. Kadence is the sweetest most loving little girl ever; she will bring you warmth and a rainbow.


1 Falling Down Jesse and Lucy (2014)
2 Blush Jesse and Lucy (2014)
2.5 A Very Xander Christmas (2014)
3 Amplify – Sera and Cage (2015)
4 Interlude – Jesse & Lucy, Cage & Sera (2015)
5 Ballad – Ben and Nicole (2015)
6 Lullabye – Jesse and Lucy (2015)
6.5 A Very Xander Christmas 2 (2015)
7 Kadence – Jace and Summer (2016)
8 A Very Xander Christmas 3 (2016)


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