Betrayed by Lies by Rebecca Shea 


Sam captured my heart when I read him Bound and Broken Series. He was the man that I swooned over and now we get to do it again. But first thing, you can read this as a standalone, but why would you. You need to read the Bound and Broken books 1 and 2. Ok back to Sam.

Sam is an officer that was shot and almost died trying to bring down his fathers empire. He survives the shooting, but needs a fresh start. So he moves to LA and begins to really enjoy his job. Tired of living in a Hotel he receives a call that will change his life. Kate is a lawyer that is very driven. She has a guest house that is vacant, why not take her brother up on offering it to his new hire at the ATF. She just wasn’t prepared to have feelings for him. Sam and Kate have so much chemistry, these two feel more than they have felt before. Now they embark on a journey with each other that leaves them hungry for more.


As an ATF agent, bringing down the Estrada cartel has been my sole mission. I’m a skilled agent, determined and fearless, but a relentless pursuit and a willingness to risk everything almost killed me.
A year later, when an opportunity in Los Angeles presents itself, I jump at the chance to start over and rebuild the career and life I almost lost.
Kate Stevens was not part of my new plan. I never expected she would be the one to save me from my past. She was exactly what I needed—smart, beautiful and independent. I finally have a future I look forward to.
Only nothing in my life ever goes according to plan. Losing Kate is not an option, but fate seems poised to ruin me, and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it.




Rebecca Shea


USA Today Best Selling author of the Unbreakable series, Bound and Broken series, & Dare Me.

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