Flawless Perfection by Kristin Mayer


Love is a timeless treasure and this book has all the “FLAWLESSNESS” in it. Knoah struggles with her past and Garrick everyday listened to her. He gave her their flawless love. He gave her perfection in the midst of it all. This book is just beautiful.


Three words altered my life forever. It has to be a terrible mistake. Yet … I know it’s not.

I fear what comes next.

Someone still wants me. I can sense the desperation behind their attempts. Garrick vows to protect me and I cling to his words.

Will it be enough?

The only thing I know is I can’t lose Garrick. And if I have to sacrifice everything to save him … I will.

Timeless Love Series Reading Order:
Untouched Perfection – Book 1
Flawless Perfection – Book 2


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