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On November 1st I did several giveaways on my A Day With Ethel Facebook page. Well I want you all amazing people to be part of it too.

So to let you in on here are the links! Good luck and I really hope you win 😉



This author is one of my absolute favorites. Here is her 1st book and I loved this whole series.
Beth Ehemann- Room for You

Giveaway 3-

I know I missed 2, but it ended already, YAY.

This is a DYNAMIC duo of authors are truly beautiful ladies inside and out.
Charlie Lee- The Hitchhiker 

Giveaway 4-

If you have followed my post over the last couple of weeks you know that I have devoured this authors books. I know I have a lot to read, but I loved this book hard!

Sacred by SL Scott

Giveaway 5-

I am a little obsessed with this author lady. She is beautiful inside and out. I loved, loved this book this last year.

The Spire by Kate Canterbary

Giveaway 6-

Can one just be in LOVE with a cover. I just love this cover and the book…

Ella Fox – I Don’t

Giveaway 7-

I am obsessed with all things Suzanne Halliday. She is an amazing writer and tells such beautiful stories that encompass every character.

Cupid in Heels by Suzanne Halliday

Giveaway 8-

I love supporting my home state ladies… This series, keep still my heart… I have this on my always read list.

Champagne and Forever by Andrea Johnston

Giveaway 9-

Back to my IDAHO girl… I know this lady and love everything about her. This was her debut book and they keep getting better!!!!

Ride Along by Maren Lee


Giveaway 10-

This book!!! I love love second chance romance with some suspense… And this book dropped this week. SO why not get a chance to read it.

Fault Lines by Rebecca Shea


Giveaway 11-

To say I am obsessed with this lady is an understatement. She really tells stories and its from the beginning to the end kind of story. You will find just about all the feels in her books. This on I still think about and I can’t wait for her next one coming in a few short weeks!!

Road to Nowhere by M Robinson


Giveaway 12-

Ok let’s just say that I may stock this author and ONE day I will get to meet her.

Swink by Adriana Locke


Giveaway 14-

Yup lucky 13 ended. But this lady here is the reason for the vlogging. I wanted everyone to read her books and I decided to video it instead of writing.

This Time is Different


Giveaway 15-

Do you read books and want people to read them? Well these next too I own the hard copies and I hand them to everyone I know to read. Years later I am still talking about them and want everyone to enjoy them as much as I did.

Raising Landry by Andee Michelle

And this one is FREE on AMAZON!!! I save FREE so everyone is a winner if you go click on it.

Give Me Yesterday by K Webster and Elle Christensen


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