Nowhere Girl by Fiona Keane



Sophia… They thought sending me to this supposed tropical paradise would keep me safe. But there’s no place safe for me now. Not when the memories won’t leave me alone. I didn’t know what the universe had in store for me, but I definitely didn’t expect Jameson Burke. People think he has more secrets than I do, but he showed me his true self—his smile, his thoughtfulness, his love. I can’t afford to fall so far, so deep. Not after what happened. I should run, but somehow my heart keeps coming back to him… Jameson… I had my own reasons to run. Little did I know the most important piece of my story started and ended with the quiet girl sitting next to me in seventh period. Sophia Reid’s shy smile brought my soul out of hiding. Through her, I learned what starting over really means. But if I give in to this love, I’ll put us both in danger. For a short time, I was whole again, but what they say is right. The old me is dead,


JAMESON — ❝I hated this. I despised it. There were no words for the grief, the aching in my heart. I was betraying her. I had been ordered to break the trust she gave me, and all so Thomas and Elizabeth could follow the rules.
Two days ago, I had taken Soph to my cove. I kissed her. I held her hand. I shared with her more of me than anyone beyond Thomas and Elizabeth. I forced her to include me into her bubble and now I was popping it because it was the right thing to do. Why couldn’t I just explain it to her? I could trust her—I know I could. Soph was different than anyone else. Why couldn’t I just tell her?❞


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