Castle Scarlet by Suzanne Halliday




It started with a piece of red plastic in a wallet.
No lettering – only a barcode.

Welcome to the world of Castle Scarlet

Go along with Roman Bishop and his curious fiancée, Kelly as they explore the sinful delights available at his exclusive and very secret sex club. It’s oh-la-la and more for Kelly when she comes face-to-face with Roman’s alter ego, Master Látigo!

Meet Roman’s mysterious cousin, Julian Bishop, Castle Scarlet’s Master Dominant.

Unyielding and powerful, Julian lords over the Scarlet kingdom from his private quarters in the castle’s tower. Hard and cynical following an ugly and very personal divorce, he prefers self-isolation to what he calls, peopling.
Used to everyone bowing and scraping before him, Julian is unprepared in every way for a dose of reality that shakes his emotional foundation.

Braeanna Walsh, the only girl in a family of no-nonsense men, she’s making her way in New York City when fate and the need for a job, leads her to an interview with Julian Bishop. His obnoxious executive desk with the naughty carvings made her eyes roll. So did his fancy castle overlooking the Hudson River.

Against the backdrop of an exclusive, private club catering to the high-class BDSM tastes of the super wealthy, Rae learns the practical ropes of running Julian and Roman’s empire. Business is business, and she’s focused on bulk pricing for lube, not who tailors Julian’s clothes.

Rae isn’t interested in his master dominant shtick.
His unimpressed business manager rocks Julian’s world.

Where will all this lead?

Castle Scarlet continues the House of Bishop Story
Grab your red card and come along!




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    1. Oh my god yes!! I just can’t wait to read more of him. He is going to swoon the hell out of us

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