Nice Until Proven Naughty by KL Grayson





Samantha “Naughty” Kringle and Danielle “Nice” Kringle are identical twins, but their physical features are all they have in common. In fact, they couldn’t be more different if they tried.

Sam is an outgoing, rebellious risk taker. She speaks her mind, pushes the envelope, and is often called, brass, opinionated, fun, and downright naughty.

Dani, on the other hand, is a people pleaser. Never one to rock the boat or tell someone no, she’s quiet, kind, careful, and considerate. She’s the girl everyone loves and turns to when they need something.

Yet despite their differences, Sam and Dani are on a similar holiday mission: to find love.

Follow these quirky sisters are they put their plans in motion and snag the men of their dreams. WARNING: The author is not responsible for cavities or upset stomach due to sweetness overload, but if you’re willing to take the chance, grab a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite blanket, and find out if it’s better to be naughty or nice.


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