Detour by Maren Lee

Stay low.
Don’t get close.

Anne Taylor has been living her life by these two simple rules since she moved to Imminence in an attempt to disappear from her previous life. She works full time for the Bounty County Public Defender’s office as a legal assistant, but she’s spent the past five years faking smiles and keeping secrets. Save for a few shallow friendships, Anne is alone and that’s just the way she needs to keep it.

Richard “Smitty” Smith is the opposite of alone. His work as a Bounty County deputy sheriff keeps him busy and lets him work with his best friend, Wesson. When he isn’t saving his beloved home town of Imminence from crime, he’s working to bring home a state football championship with the Imminence High School Iron Eagles. But now that the mysterious and beautiful Anne Taylor has come into his life, he wants more than just to work from sunup to sunset.

He’s easy on her eyes, soothing to her soul, and impossible to resist. It’s not that she doesn’t want to tell him everything. 

It’s that, for Smitty’s safety, she can’t.

Will Anne’s secrets be too much to bear? Will Smitty be able to protect her from the danger she swears still lurks? Will he be able to protect his own heart in the process?

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