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He’s the kind of guy that keeps me up all night, but only in my dreams. And it’s agony, sweet agony. From the moment I laid eyes on Brantley Cardwell, I knew he was too good to be true—sexy, southern and charming. There are some guys that are just too everything for their own good. I should’ve kept my distance that summer, but I didn’t. I should’ve known better than to fall for someone like him. But at seventeen, taking control of my heart wasn’t so easy. I thought he’d be my first kiss. I thought he’d be my first everything. He became my first crush. And then he crushed me. Twelve years later he’s back in town and there’s no way I’ll fall for that sexy southern drawl, irresistible smile and all that charm. No matter how well he fills out a pair of old faded Levi’s. Maybe it’s the taste of bourbon on his lips that burns so good. But the bourbon holds a secret igniting a firestorm neither one of us can stop. Now Brant is risking his legacy, his family, his heart—all for me. One-Click: Amazon: Nook: Kobo: iBooks: Eden Books: Add it to your TBR:



“Shots?” I ask Caroline. “Absolutely.” I turn and nod to Luke. “Tequila, two shots.” Caroline leans against the bar, her hair is slightly damp and her tan skin glistens with rain and sweat. She looks so damn beautiful. When Luke slides the shots in front of me, I hand him my credit card. We pick up our glasses down the shots. She sucks on the lime and I watch her mouth in complete fascination. I slide my hand up her back and my fingers massage her neck under the curtain of dark blond hair. My cock has a mind of its own . . . it’s heavy and hard. So much for keeping myself under control. Her blue eyes flash up to meet mine. “Why didn’t I do this with you before?” I question. Her eyes fall to my mouth and she shakes her head. Caroline slips from my grasp and before I know it, she’s walking away from me. She’s leaving? When she gets to the door that’s when my feet decide to move. My chest aches when she doesn’t look back. What did I say? I step outside and the rain is coming down a bit harder. My eyes dart around the mass of people rushing to their cars. Caroline is across the street and heading in the same direction as my apartment. “Caroline, wait up,” I shout. She doesn’t turn around. Her shoes eat up the pavement as she blows past the flower shop and hardware store. Dodging through the crowd, I finally catch up to her at the wine bar. “Caroline.” I snag her arm, spinning her around to face me. The light from the wine bar illuminates her face. A stark pain flashes in her blue eyes. That ache in my chest slices through me like a hot knife. “Why did you leave me, Brant?” she asks, and pushes her hair away from her face. “You’re the one that walked out of the bar just now.” “No, I mean all those years ago.”

One-Click: Amazon: Nook: Kobo: iBooks: Eden Books:

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Christy Pastore is a bestselling author of Romantic Comedy and Literary Humor romance reads. She writes sexy, contemporary romance books that contain bold heroines and swoony gentleman with a naughty side. Writing has always been a part of Christy’s life. Her first writing gig was for a celebrity entertainment website. Later she went on to create her own blogazine and media company combining her love of writing with fashion and marketing. When’s she not writing flirty and dirty books you’ll find Christy browsing the internet for the latest celebrity gossip, obsessively watching Instagram stories, binge watching her favorite shows or daydreaming. She appreciates a good vodka soda with a twist of lime or a nice glass of wine. She’ll never turn down chips and salsa, margherita pizza or Mexican food. And yes, you can always ask her for advice on fashion and style trends. Christy lives in central Indiana with her husband and their two lovable ginger kitties, Cheeto and Dorito. She believes books, especially love stories are an escape from the real world.

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