Between Now and Heartbreak by Dylan Allen

He’s searching for the truth.
I’m living a lie. 
And as much as we want to, 
We can’t stay away from each other. 
Falling for Carter nearly cost me everything. 
To save myself I made a deal with the devil. 
Now, I’ve got a second chance and more to lose than ever.
So when he makes it clear he wants me back, 
I vow not to make the same mistake twice. 
Carter has learned his lesson, too. 
He’s done making promises.
This time, he’s staking his claim.
He already owns a piece of my heart,
But he won’t settle for less than all of me. 
And by the time his seduction is done, I’ll want to give it to him. 
But I made promises I have to keep. 
And the devil I owe has come to collect his due.

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