A Cowboy Like You (Heart of Texas #4) by Donna Grant





The lights were dimmed in the stables, creating a soft glow around him. Skylar noticed that Danny’s eyes were more gold than normal, the gilded flecks drawing her like a beacon. 

His hand was warm in hers, his hold steady, tender. She liked the dark stubble that shadowed his cheeks and jaw. It gave him a dangerous look. That was one adjective she would’ve never used to describe Danny, but then she’d seen him come out of the shadows and stop Matt.

The man who had saved her had been one who was ready to do whatever he had to in order to stop Matt. The air around Danny had crackled with a calmness while also showcasing the determined weapon he was in the face of such a menacing scene.

“I wanted to take you to that Christmas dance,” he suddenly said.

She blinked, taken aback by his words until she remembered what they had talked about in the house. “Why didn’t you?”

“I’d taken a shift at work for a friend who wanted to bring his girlfriend to the dance. I hadn’t intended to go. Besides, I wasn’t brave enough to ask you.”

“I would’ve said yes.” She glanced at the ground and laughed softly. “I looked for you that night. I’d planned to ask you to dance.”

His gaze darkened as his dipped into a husky whisper. “I missed out for sure.”

Skylar lifted her free hand and tilted back his hat so she could better see his face. “There’s still tonight.”

There was a flash of hesitation, of doubt. Just when she thought he might step away, he wrapped his free arm around her and pulled her close. The moment their bodies touched, her blood ran hot. 

She waited, her lips parted until he finally lowered his head. Just before their lips touched, he paused. She wound her arm around his neck, her fingers tangling in his dark hair at his neck.

Then – finally! – his mouth pressed against hers.


A Cowboy Like You



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