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COVER REVEAL~ Gage by Ella Fox and Rochelle Paige

Hollywood heartthrobs were trouble. Especially Gage, a man used to women who would do anything for his attention.

Not happening.

But Gage knew how to go after what he wanted, and his desire for Morgan was stronger than anything he’d ever felt before. Powerful enough to make him reconsider his previously held beliefs on love and longevity. He just had to convince her of how serious he was.

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Royal Gentleman by Christy Pastore

Crown Prince of Sardones, Ander Nicholas Gabriel Camran was my childhood best friend.

Until he wasn’t.

Ten years later, I have the opportunity of a lifetime. To photograph and chronicle the Royal Family of Sardones’ reinstallation.

To capture history.

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EXCERPT Reveal~ ROYAL GENTLEMAN by Christy Pastore

My crown was plastic.

His was the real deal—jewels and all.

I, Kerris Von Roy, lived among royalty.

Until I didn’t.

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Tangle by Adriana Locke

“The problem with that is you can’t always tell the crazy ones. I didn’t know Liv was nuts until I told her she wasn’t getting the cock any more.” I ponder this. “Maybe it’s my cock that makes them crazy.”

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The teen who snuck me into the kitchen at midnight for ice cream sundaes. My first crush. My first kiss. Now, he’s about to become king. Instead of childhood games, he wants me kneeling, submitting myself to his rule in and out of the bedroom. Nicholas rules a kingdom—my body and soul. But I can never be fully his. Let alone his Queen.

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Jersey Six by Jewel E. Ann

How far would you go for revenge?
A hit-and-run accident leaves Jersey Six orphaned and homeless on the streets of Newark, shattering her dreams of school dances, pink nail polish, and a diploma.
Eight years later, a burn victim with amnesia wanders into Jersey’s barely-existent life. She resists his efforts to form a friendship until he reveals knowledge of the person responsible for derailing her future. Through their unusual friendship, she discovers a way to avenge the deaths of her foster parents.

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All I Know (Paradise Beach Book 1) by Tamara Lush

When Damien finds out Kate needs health insurance, he does what any gentleman would: ask her to marry him. He’s going to Syria for a year as a military contractor, and has loved her for years. It’s the least he can do.

They didn’t return to fall in love. They didn’t expect to have the best sex of their lives. They didn’t plan on a farting dog or a fake engagement.

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The Defender (Sons of Texas) by Donna Grant

Determined and dedicated, Reyna Harris is used to danger and living on the edge. An ex-CIA operative, she’s been embedded with the Saints for years, trying to take them down from the inside. When her cover is blown, she is forced to trust a man she just met, fighting their way out of one battle after another. But there’s something about Lev that Reyna knows she can trust. And love. She needs Lev – and not just to take a swipe at the Saints. Together they’re an unstoppable force. And with their friends, they just might succeed in their mission.

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Playboy in Paradise Trilogy by S.L. Scott

came to Hawaii to get away from life, but the moment I meet Evan Ashford, I think I landed right where I was always meant to be.
Despite vowing never to fall for the cocky playboy, he makes me weak in the knees so I throw caution to the wind.
Our chemistry is unquestionable, emotions irrational, and our love undeniable.
He gives me his heart and his hard truths, and in return, I give him everything.
When family interferes and loyalty is questioned, life tears us apart.

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COVER REVEAL~ Already Gone by Kristen Proby and K.L. Grayson

Already Gone by Kristen Proby and K.L. Grayson Genre: Contemporary Romance Publishing date: August 27, 2019 Cover Designer: Kari March…