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Missing in Action by Kate Canterbary

Former Navy SEAL turned covert agent Wes Halsted spent his days—and weeks and months—being someone else. But with his cover…

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List of my Favorites of 2018. I mean lists, categories and more 🙂

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For Today by B Cranford

. . . and a past that won’t stay there.

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Book+Main ~ ONE Anniversary

    Corrine Michaels Bite Lindsay Cross Bite Sidney Halston Bite Adriana Locke Bite B Cranford Bite    

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Fresh Catch by Kate Canterbary

“There’s no one in the world who doesn’t want it. We want it in different ways, at different times, but we still want it. Need it, even when we say we don’t. We want to be accepted, cherished, adored. We want someone to recognize our messy, complicated souls, and love us for those messes and complications.”