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Detour by Maren Lee

Richard “Smitty” Smith is the opposite of alone. His work as a Bounty County deputy sheriff keeps him busy and lets him work with his best friend, Wesson. When he isn’t saving his beloved home town of Imminence from crime, he’s working to bring home a state football championship with the Imminence High School Iron Eagles. But now that the mysterious and beautiful Anne Taylor has come into his life, he wants more than just to work from sunup to sunset.

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Gridlocked by Maren Lee

He’s a good cop, a master marksman, and spends his free time taking care of his mother, but his social skills and English language proficiency (for a third generation American raised in Montana) are somewhat lacking. Because of this, he doesn’t think he has any chance with the smart, beautiful Dr. Molly Mooney. 

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Changing Lanes by Maren Lee

Lane Bennett is the new hotshot lead public defender of Bounty County. A transplant from Chicago to Montana, Lane ran from the big city to escape a bad breakup, a far-too-stressful job, and all the anxiety issues that came along with it. But kicking ass and taking names as a small town public defender often pits her against the hottie Sheriff’s Department deputies. In order to win, she has to make them look bad. Lane, “the evil harpy,” as they call her, is not one of their favorites.