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COVER REVEAL~ Far Cry by Kate Canterbary

But she’s not looking for a keeper. She’s too busy kicking ass, running an empire, and caring for her ailing father to spend time with men who want annoying things like relationships and commitment and…conversation.

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The Magnolia Chronicles: Adventures in Modern Dating by Kate Canterbary

In nine words: bad and also hilarious, demoralizing, exhausting, and ridiculously amusing.

But the only thing worse than dating in the era of hookup apps and unsolicited dick pics is the absolute whole-life-flail of falling in love

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~RELEASE DAY~ Before Girl by Kate Canterbary

  She’s the girl next door. He’s the guy who’s loved her from afar. They’re in for an unexpected tumble…

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COVER REVEAL ~ Before Girl by Kate Canterbary


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Hard Pressed by Kate Canterbary

She’s town sweetheart…with a side of sass.

He’s the new sheriff…and he has some disorderly conduct in mind.

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COVER REVEAL ~Fresh Catch by Kate Canterbary

No strings, no promises, no problems. Title: Fresh Catch Author: Kate Canterbary Cover Design: Anna Crosswell, Cover Couture Release Date:…

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Thresholds by Kate Canterbary

‘Twas the weekend before Christmas, when all through the North End

Not a Walsh had his life together, not even his friends;
The parties were planned by the foodies with care,

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Coastal Elite by Kate Canterbary

You’re not supposted to be such a good guy.
I can be good.
I can be bad, too.
There’s no reason to choose sides

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The Walsh Series 1-4 by Kate Canterbary

Meet the Walshes. They’re smart, sexy, seriously funny, and all kinds of alpha.

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The Spire – Kate Canterbary

Let’s pretend for the sake of argument that irritable onion makes any sense. It doesn’t. By that logic, you’re a moody raspberry, both sweet and tart.