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COVER REVEAL~ With A Hitch by RC Boldt

With a Hitch by RC Boldt Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: March 19th Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling Photographer: James…

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Ditched by RC Boldt

He’s playing for the heart she’s had sidelined for years.

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He’s playing for the heart she’s had sidelined for years.

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Tap That by RC Boldt and Jennifer Blackwood

Don’t stare at his crotch. Don’t stare at his crotch. Don’t Sta-

My eyes are up here Rainbow


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COVER REVEAL~ Tap That by RC Boldt and Jennifer Blackwood

The beer’s not the only thing getting tapped.

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RELEASE BOOST- Blue Balls by RC Boldt

“You’re beautiful,” I say softly, my gaze direct. You’re beautiful, and I’m falling in love with you.

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Blue Balls by RC Boldt

Damn Vagina… She’s such a traitor when it comes to Jack

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Out of the Ashes by RC Boldt

This isn’t mythology, it’s war, and Hendy is left in the
hands of Hell’s cruelest gatekeepers

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Out of Love by RC Boldt

He shifts his hips, and I work hard to stifle a moan damn it to hell. This is what happens when you unleash a vagina that’s been on strict lockdown for so long. It becomes a complete ho-bag

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Clam Jam by RC Boldt

Clam Jam
Definition: the female equivalent of a cock block.
Example: You’re chatting with a guy you’re interested in and your friend comes along and lays claim to him.