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Until Merri by Suzanne Halliday

When Tom needs a date for a banquet recognizing his dad, he asks Merri.
With everyone they know cheering them on from the sidelines, the comically sexy misadventures of Tom and Merri begin.

What happens after that is a wild, laugh-filled, adventure.

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Unexpected Second Chance by Suzanne Halliday

Shannon has gone from bright-eyed co-ed and confirmed do-gooder to event planner to the stars. Life is good, but she’s never forgotten, Nick.

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Deception (Family Justice Book 9) by Suzanne Halliday

Unexplained threats
A war that never ends
Corruption and Revenge

It was only a matter of time
Because evil never sleeps

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Queen of Wands by Suzanne Halliday

Life is unpredictable and what the cards read for each of us changes like the weather forecast.

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Everlasting by Suzanne Halliday

Pull up to some of the best stories friends can tell

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Bishops Pawn by Suzanne Halliday 

Everything about this was so damn weird. They interacted like an old married couple, banged like porn stars, and verbally sparred better than a point-counterpoint TV show.

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Dear Bella by Suzanne Halliday

Bella Mia Jensen
Book lover, taco enthusiast, foodie, ladylike badass, rebel

When Bella turns up in Bendover, she quickly earns the respect of the Justice ladies for how swiftly she brings their pack of alpha men to their knees.

And she’s only six years old!

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Unforgettable by Suzanne Halliday

There’s a baby explosion happening for Family Justice and people are
starting to joke that there must be something in the water!

First came the surprise of a lifetime for Stephanie and Calder

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The Gideon Affair – Suzanne Halliday 

What if the one man you desire isn’t who the rest of the world sees?